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Weight loss story: “I ate pizza and pasta but still lost 21 kilos” | The Times of India

There were two things which majorly helped me- running and walking. I ran almost everyday, did warm up and also increased my step count on a daily basis. No going to the gym or picking up weights.

Fitness secrets I unveiled: I, of course, cut down on mid night snacking. The biggest secret is to focus on your portion sizes, rather than anything else, or adding something special to your diet. Not only will it help lose weight, but also maintain it in the long run. Midnight snacking and binge eating habits should also be abolished.

How do I stay motivated? I keep checking myself out in the mirror and feel super empowered. I feel 15 years younger, and more confident than ever.

How do you ensure you don’t lose focus? The very target of being mentally, physically young, active and of course, doing something for myself.

What’s the most difficult part of being overweight? you feel that you definitely are missing something – and Important fact is for us to recognise that losing weight and importantly maintaining it is for yourself rather than for anyone. While the weight keeps increasing, over time, you start to feel you are definitely missing out on something. The important fact for everyone is to recognize that losing weight and maintaining it is something one has to do for himself/herself, and not for anyone.

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