A Quick and Dirty Agenda for Congress to Curb Big Tech

Steven Levy covers the gamut of tech subjects for WIRED, in print and online, and has been contributing to the magazine since its inception. His newest column, Plaintext, will soon only be available to subscribers; sign up here. He has been writing about technology for more than 30 years, writing… Read more Source link

The Apple Designer You’ve Never Heard of Is Making Noise

Stringer says the Cell Apha is only the first of what will be a broader product line. For now he’s convinced that Cell provides unique value because it delivers a dimension of sound that others haven’t even thought of. To move beyond our current soundscapes and enter the world of spatial audio, he argues, we … Read more

Microsoft Is Big Tech’s Fifth Horseman

Featured Video WIRED25: Inclusive Design — Microsoft’s Satya Nadella & Jenny Lay-Flurrie Talk Accessibility Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Chief Accessibility Officer Jenny Lay-Flurrie spoke with WIRED’s Editor-in-Chief Nicholas Thompson as part of WIRED25, WIRED’s 25th anniversary celebration in San Francisco. Source link