Google Launches a New Medical App—Outside the US

The design shown in the demo requires a person to snap three photos of their blemish from different angles and distances. The user can optionally add information such as the body part affected and how long they’ve had the problem. Tapping “Submit” zips the images off to Google. The app then displays “Suggested conditions,” showing … Read more

How Big Tech created a data ‘treasure trove’ for police

When U.S. law enforcement officials need to cast a wide net for information, they’re increasingly turning to the vast digital ponds of personal data created by Big Tech companies via the devices and online services that have hooked billions of people around the world. Data compiled by four of the biggest tech companies shows that … Read more

CCI prima facie finds Google in violation of abuse of dominance in smart TV OS market, orders probe

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) has prima facie found Google to be in violation of competition laws relating to abuse of dominance in the smart TV operating system (OS) market. The CCI has ordered its investigative arm, the Director General, to conduct a probe into Google’s market practices including for anti-competitive agreements, in an … Read more

EU Launches Antitrust Probe Against Google Over Online Ads

The EU launched a wide-ranging antitrust probe against Google on Tuesday over concerns that it is forcing out rivals in the highly profitable online advertising market. The probe will “assess whether Google has violated EU competition rules by favouring its own online display advertising technology services”, a statement said. Read all the Latest News, Breaking … Read more

I was devastated for three days after NZ lost the 2019 WC final, but was also delighted for the likes of Jos Buttler & Joe Root: Shane Bond | Cricket News – Times of India

The 2019 ICC ODI World Cup final was perhaps hands down the most heartbreaking match in cricketing history. The clash between England and New Zealand ended in a tie and then the subsequent Super Over was also tied. England were declared winners on the boundary countback rule, because they had hit more boundaries. This was … Read more

Samsung announces Galaxy MWC Virtual event for June 28 – Times of India

South Korean tech giant Samsung is set to hold its virtual event at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) on June 28. “At the event, Samsung will be showcasing how the Galaxy ecosystem of connected devices is set to provide people with even greater possibilities for enriching their lifestyles,” said the company. The Samsung Galaxy MWC … Read more

German antitrust watchdog launches investigation into Apple – Times of India

BERLIN: Germany‘s antitrust watchdog said on Monday it had launched an investigation into whether Apple was exploiting its market dominance, following similar proceedings into US tech rivals Facebook, Amazon and Google. Based on new competition law rules specifically intended for large digital companies, Germany’s Federal Cartel Office (FCO) said it would assess whether Apple has … Read more

Twitter, Facebook, Google staring at higher tax bills under India IT rules

Top digital companies do not have a presence or permanent establishment (PE) in India and hence don’t pay domestic taxes on their entire income. Synopsis Big Tech companies fear that appointing nodal officers, as mandated by India’s revised IT rules, will have a domino effect and result in 25-42% income tax. Mumbai: As Twitter, Google … Read more

Google looks for new measure of skin tones to curb bias in products

Alphabet Inc`s Google told Reuters this week it is developing an alternative to the industry standard method for classifying skin tones, which a growing chorus of technology researchers and dermatologists says is inadequate for assessing whether products are biased against people of color. At issue is a six-color scale known as Fitzpatrick Skin Type (FST), … Read more

Voice Access, Action Blocks and other useful features you didn’t know in your Android phone’s settings – Times of India

Smartphones running on Android operating system come with a host of accessibility features. These are mainly aimed to help people with visual, hearing and speech impairments to better access their smartphones and interact with their device. However, these features can also be helpful for anyone in mundane situations like when a user is driving or … Read more