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At its ongoing developer conference Google I/O 2021, the internet search giant has been announcing all the new features that are coming to various Google platforms. On May 18, CEO Sundar Pichai covered the most ground with all the announcements, but more obviously in store.
The company has now announced that it is going to add more payment ways for apps and subscriptions in Google Play.
Google has announced that it is going to add pre-paid plans for the Play Store. This means soon Google Play Store will allow users to access content for a fixed amount of time.
This means that users will have the option to use an app for a limited time rather than buying for one time and keeping it forever. Naturally, the first option is expected to be more affordable than the latter.
This essentially is a subscription-based model, giving the user the flexibility to decide how long they want to use the app.
Besides this, Google also said that it will be launching multi-line subscriptions, which will allow developers to sell multiple products as part of a single subscription.
The company has added 34 new local forms of payment across 30 markets in 2020 to expand the reach of developers, along with reducing the minimum prices for paid apps, in-app purchases, and subscriptions in 20 new markets across Latin America, EMEA, and APAC.
Google I/O 2021 is a three-day event that kick-started on May 18. The company unveiled its Android 12 operating system one day, along with Wear OS update and a slew of new features coming across Google platforms such as Maps, Search, Photos and more.

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