7-ft Alligator Spotted in Post Office in US, Internet Wonders if it Had a Package to Mail

Alligators have sometimes been spotted in the most unusual of places – from backyard swimming pools to restaurant parking lots. On June 9, however, a Florida resident received the shock of their life after being greeted by an alligator inside a post office. The incident was shared by Hernando County Sheriff’s Office in a Facebook post along with an image of the unusual visitor casually hanging in a post office in Philatelic Road, Hernando, Florida, USA.

As per the authorities, the massive 7-foot gator was found roaming the lobby area at around 3.32 am (EDT) by a late-night customer on their way to mail a package at the Spring Hall post office on Wednesday. The sheriff’s office believes that the reptile must have entered the building through automatic double doors that allow entrance into the lobby so patrons can drop off their mail and packages during off-hours, reports the People magazine. When the customer spotted it wandering, possibly trying to find the exit from where it entered, he immediately informed the cops and later, a trapper arrived at the spot to safely remove the animal from the building.

With over 3,000 reactions, almost 4,000 shares and 1000 comments, the post attracted disbelief and amusement from amazed netizens. A user called the incident ‘unbelievable and really crazy’ as he was stunned by the huge alligator, while another wondered where it might have come from as the closed water body was across the busy road,on the other side of the park.

The encounter prompted some hilarious reactions as well. Tons of people jokingly suggested that it had a package to mail or had to pick up his letter. Another comic comment read that he had postcards to send to family back home. A person referring to the hot weather said that it was enjoying the AC in doors and hence, was smiling.

Someone wrote he was checking if his shipment from Gatorade had arrived yet.

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